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The Hidden World War : The Rise Of The Nazis

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Zulu Xuxu
Zulu Xuxu
06 Jun 2024

How did Adolf Hitler and his small band of criminal conspirators persuade the German people to follow him into a nightmare of brutality, genocide, and military defeat? This 10-episode documentary chronicles how Hitler and his inner circle rose to power by exploiting the economic turmoil of their time.

Adolf Hitler's Unremarkable Childhood to Becoming the Most Powerful Man in Germany

0:00 Full documentary
3:49 📚 This is the story of Adolf Hitler, from his unremarkable childhood to his failed attempt to become an artist in Vienna.
10:03 📰 Hitler's early life was marked by homelessness and bitterness, fueled by anti-Semitic sentiments in the press, until he found purpose in the army during World War I.
17:54 📜 Adolf Hitler's rise to power and the formation of his anti-Semitic ideology.
26:59 📷 Adolf Hitler used photography and propaganda posters as powerful communication tools to convey his extreme ideas and enhance his political image.
34:39 🔀 Hitler creates the Nazi party and uses violence and theatrics to gain attention.
41:15 💰 Hitler sought financial support from wealthy businessmen to fund his political campaigns and acquire the necessary resources for his rise to power.
49:57 📈 Hitler's annual contribution and megalomaniacal election campaign helped him become the most powerful man in Germany.

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