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Joseph Goebbels Total War Speech, The Complete Uncensored Version with English Sub

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Zulu Xuxu
Zulu Xuxu
14 Dec 2023

Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany, delivered his infamous "Total War" speech on February 18, 1943, during the midst of World War II. This speech is remembered as a chilling example of propaganda that aimed to galvanize the German people for the intensifying conflict.

In his address, Goebbels sought to mobilize the German population for what he called a "total war" effort. The term "total war" was not new, but Goebbels twisted its meaning to emphasize the complete commitment of all resources, both military and civilian, to the war effort. He argued that every aspect of German society, from industry to culture, needed to be subordinated to the needs of the war.

Goebbels used inflammatory rhetoric to boost morale and shift the focus away from the grim reality of the war. He spoke of the existential threat facing Germany and called for unwavering loyalty and sacrifice from the people. Goebbels used emotional appeals to manipulate the collective psyche, painting a picture of a nation under siege, surrounded by enemies, and urged Germans to endure the hardships for the sake of the future.

The speech was delivered at a time when the tide of war was turning against the Axis powers, particularly after the German defeat at Stalingrad. Goebbels' message was an attempt to counter the growing disillusionment and war-weariness among the German population. He skillfully blended nationalism, fear, and a sense of duty to create a narrative that justified the sacrifices demanded by the Nazi regime.

Ultimately, Goebbels' "Total War" speech is remembered as a dark chapter in history, illustrating the power of propaganda to manipulate public sentiment. It serves as a stark reminder of how words can be used to shape the narrative and influence the collective mindset, even in the face of a morally reprehensible agenda.

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Disclaimer: The sole purpose of this video is historical preservation and education. It aims to facilitate learning from past mistakes, ensuring that such events never occur again. This video, along with all my other content, is not intended to incite hate or support hate speech. I operate a history channel with the primary goal of educating people about historical events and their significance.

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