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Adolf Hitler - Speech on the 7th Anniversary of the Seizure of Power, January 30th, 1940

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Zulu Xuxu
Zulu Xuxu
07 May 2024

On January 30th, 1940, Adolf Hitler delivered a speech at the Berlin Sportpalast to commemorate the 7th anniversary of Adolf Hitler's appointment as chancellor.
In this speech, Adolf Hitler touches on various themes, emphasizing the notion of what he calls a national rebirth and resurrection and portraying the past seven years as a period of "remarkable achievements" for Germany under Nazi leadership.

This video includes the full speech, which is about an hour long with English subtitles.

This video is dedicated solely to preserve an historical speech, and I vehemently disavow any affiliation with Nazism or anti-Semitism. History is important to preserve, not erase, and we must learn from it. I would like to stress that any comments promoting anti-Semitism or pro-Nazi sentiments will be removed from this videos comment section without exceptions.

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