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Hitler Speeches - Rearmament Addresses - Stock Footage

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Zulu Xuxu
Zulu Xuxu
10 Jun 2024

In the 1930s, German disarmament was primarily regulated by the Treaty of Versailles, which ended World War I. This treaty imposed strict limits on the size and capabilities of the German military. However, in the early 1930s, Germany began to rearm in violation of these agreements, especially under the Nazi regime led by Adolf Hitler.

The effects of German rearmament were significant. It directly contravened the Treaty of Versailles and heightened tensions among European powers, particularly France and Britain. It contributed to the destabilization of the region and ultimately played a significant role in leading to the outbreak of World War II. By the late 1930s, Germany had built up a formidable military force, which it used to annex neighboring territories and pursue its aggressive expansionist policies. This expansion ultimately plunged the world into another devastating global conflict.
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